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Seadog Stainless Steel Fishhook Bracelet

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Seadog Fishhook Stainless Steel Bracelet Simple adjustable high quality bracelet Stainless steel fishhook and sleeves Premium quality tactical cord bracelet available in camo or black and two adjustable sizes that will fit most wrists. Regular size adjusts and fits approx 6.5-8" Large size adjusts and fits approx 8-9.5"   To adjust and take bracelet on and off.... slide the steel sleeve back- away from base of hook and loop Push forward on the steel sleeve to loosen the loop on the hook Slip the loop off the hook (do not undo the loop on the cord you will need it to refasten bracelet:) . Once the bracelet cord loop is un-hooked- at the opposite steel sleeve adjust the cord shorter or longer to your wrist size.  Put the bracelet on and fasten by slipping the loop over the hook and secure by sliding the steel sleeve up to the loop and you are done! Please note: By hovering over the thumbnail images (on a PC) of this item instructions for bracelet will pop-up for your convenience.

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